Wednesday, February 26, 2014

day 23

Had time this morning to do my measurements … I was pleasantly surprised … Definitely a fun boast to my GOAL …I have lost a total of 11 inches … YEAH !!!  I got my cardio and weights in already today and have TACO CHICKEN cooking in the crock pot for TACO salad for dinner …

There are times in my day when I would love to just eat something because I do love to CHEW, but I am really trying to drink my water when that urge to EAT FOR NO REASON hits … staying focused!

I love my JESUS CALLING devo … Each day it points me to him - being thankful in all things, living in the day and not worrying about the future, focusing on his promises and not the failures of man, and always being reminded he is with me daily … HE WANTS MY LIFE TO BE LIVED ABUNDANTLY IN HIM …

Verse of the day: "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you." Psalm 32:8


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

day 22

Another busy, busy day … I got my cardio in today and worked hopefully in my FAT BURNING ZONE … I think I have been a little lax on my intensity this last week in my cardio and it showed on my scale … My stats were the same today as they were last week … I am happy with where I am and this may be my genetic blue print … I know I could go more intense with my work outs and my nutritional plan, but I am enjoying the success of being able to do the plan the way I have it now … I will definitely up my cardio when I can get outside, but I am enjoying and not feeling deprived on my eating plan …  I haven't been under 138 lbs in the last 25 years of my life, so I am so proud of myself.  I feel great and will keep going on toward my 90 days !!!

Happy Week … If you haven't switched to ALMOND BUTTER yet from Peanut Butter then do so … I won't take long to make the switch and it is so YUMMY !!!

EXCITED FOR MY SUMMER TRIP TO HONDURAS … I want to be healthy and ready to SERVE like I was created to !!! This is from my trip to Uganda this past summer … Humbled to be able to serve and share love in so many different places !!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

day 21

Totally feels like day 57 … lol … I had my hour of cardio this morning and then did an hour tonight on my mini-trampoline (don't laugh … it is fun and I can move it around the house to watch tv with MY family while I jump) … I decided to do the mini-trampoline tonight because I made amazing potato soup for dinner and decided on a second bowl (outside of my calorie count) … PAY THE PIPER (hee hee) …

I am not a shake person because I like to chew … A few people have asked me about shakes and things like that, but I don't really do shakes because I would rather chew my food than drink it (just my personal choice) …

I am getting in all 120 oz of my water … I don't always drink bottled water either (tap water works just fine) … I have been drinking tap water for almost a year now … I really started thinking about all the 3rd world countries I go to and how blessed I am to have good clean running water … Bonus is it saves us lots of money compared to me buying a ton of bottle water like I used to … I will take my one bottle of water and just use the bottle all day by refilling it from my sink … If anyone knows of a good plastic bottle that doesn't leak in my purse PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!! I just can't seem to find a bottle that doesn't leak (so annoying) …

I am loving how my kiddos are adopting the LOTS OF WATER drinking also … We are all working on fun healthy choices … My biggest grip is the CONCESSION STANDS at all my kid's events !!! Just NO WINNING with my kids there … I always pack snacks for them, but they beg and beg for concession stand money (which my parents give in and give them !!!) …

YOU are worth the effort … Think about the good in your day and the good choices you make - blessings will come alive when you become thankful !!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

day 20

What a beautiful day … Got my cardio in today like 3xs …. Walked with the kiddos, did an hour of cardio, and then walked with Scott … I just couldn't get enough of the OUTSIDE … I am about to do my weights now and stuck pretty close to my nutritional plan, but the weekends I am a little more relaxed since I am eating all my meals with my family … I want to show my children healthy moderate choices with out being to regimented …

They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit … Well tomorrow is that day … It is getting easier to say NO to certain things and situations … I am thankful my mind set and will power are staying strong … I feel good and my energy level is my greatest reward !!!

Remember you are worth the EFFORT … By giving yourself some time, it makes it easier to join in the life of others with a joyful heart - whether that is at work, at home, at church or any situation … BE A LIGHT  !!!

I having never been one to enjoy swimsuit shopping, but I am looking forward to finding me something I feel confident in wearing … I want to go to the beach or pool to enjoy my family and not worry about how I look in the swimsuit …


Saturday, February 22, 2014

day 19

To exhausted to post much … CRA CRA DAY … volunteered at the WAIT NO MORE CONFERENCE (cried my eyes out and was completely blown away blessed) … Went to train at my new part-time job … And then off to two basketball games for my boys …

I STAYED COMPLETELY ON TRACK WITH MY EATING PLAN … super YEAH … but I didn't get all my cardio in … MAY DOUBLE UP TOMORROW  - suppose to be a beautiful day !!!

I choose to stay on track with my eating plan … I was tempted to stray and was super stressed and completely in knots about our BIG basketball games … Those emotions would normally evoked a really good eating binge on some CHOCOLATE M&Ms !!! but NO NO NO not today …

proud of myself … THANKS JESUS for all the blessings today … We didn't win our games, but the people that are in my children's lives coaching them and playing on their teams are godly role models and so encouraging to the heart !!!


Friday, February 21, 2014

day 18

Friday Night (date night) … Successful outing at Longhorn Steak House … They have a new menu called the LIGHTER SIDE and all the meals are under 500 … I had grilled shrimp and green beans … AND NO BREAD … total victory for me there !!! hee hee

I ended up eating both my breakfast and lunch in the car today as I raced from one errand to a meeting to sign language class then back to another meeting … SOME DAYS ARE JUST LIKE THAT … but I am doing my best to plan the night before what I need to pack to make sure I have all my food prepared and packed to go, because I know NOT BEING PREPARED is the end of my program … It would cause a trip to the DRIVE THRU which is never good and over eating in calories and just really bad choices … I am going to celebrate my successes and if there is a slip then I will let it be a slip and not  SINK HOLE … Breaking bad habits or patterns is never easy and will require work … You sometimes have to ask yourself - "What are you worth ???" I know God created me to be a wife, mother and a servant, so that means I am worth the effort to take care of myself - setting an example for my children and having the focus to see the journey and work God puts in front of me is so very important !!!

I had an amazing walk outside today and just feel so revived to be outside … Tomorrow will be another packed day volunteering at a conference, going to work with Scott for a bit, and 2 big basketball games with my boys … I have already set my alarm to wake early so that I can get my cardio in (since I already had my 1 day off this week) … I appreciate all the messages of encouragement you have sent through fb and the blog … Journeying together is so much more fun and has accountability that is needed when you are trying to make a positive change …


Thursday, February 20, 2014

day 17

I wore flip flops today to work and I WAS SO HAPPY !!!  I am ready to get outside for my cardio … I got my hour in first thing this morning and hope to hit my weights hard tomorrow … I have done weights once so far this week …  My weights always seem to be thing to go when the DAY gets crazy … I have done good on my eating plan today, but I do think I have gone about 300 calories over … ALL GOOD CALORIES, but over … DUKE is playing tonight and I always get pumped watching them, so that will be good for a few squats and jumping jacks (nervous energy … hee hee) …

I do love some cute workout clothes and they make me feel put together and more motivated … If that is you then TARGET has the cutest new line and LULULEMON has some really good YOU MADE TOO MUCH sale items when you can catch them quick … I end up wearing my work out clothes all day, so I like feeling cute and not all sweatpants sloppy …

Remember as you start a health program there are always weeks when you may or may not have the changes like you want, but don't abandon the plan because eating healthy is a lifestyle not a quick fix or a temporary routine … STAY THE COURSE and watch how much better you will feel !!!

I am also a HEALTH AND WELLNESS pinterest person … I love to just scan it like a magazine for extra motivation and strength training tips a few minutes a day… REMEMBER STAY POSITIVE … Give your best and know that is always good enough … DON'T QUIT !!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

day 16

Listed my stats to the side … I am holding steady with a slight movement down … I am really hoping with this nice weather that I can get outside more and ramp up my cardio … I have not been as consistent with my weights as I would like, but I am not beating myself up … I am proud of my progress and mind set  … I got in my hour of cardio today and my weights (with 2 sick kiddos home) … I am noticing a change in how my clothes fit, so I hope to do my measurements soon and see what those look like (couldn't get to it today) …

I am making a real effort to wake up and BE THANKFUL … Jesus tells us to be thankful in all things and I want to stay focused on all the blessings and not let the every day issues play with my mind or my attitude … JOY is a choice …

My sweet family is doing a really good job of supporting me in this journey and giving me such sweet encouragement !!! Striving to be a positive person and giving others encouragement is important to me … Sometimes I can get caught up in the issue and I just need to let a lot of stuff go and just focus on giving others encouragement … Scott always tells his teams you will be remember most for how you treat people and I want to be known as a kind friend and an encourager … It also is a choice !!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

day 15 …

Missed my weigh in today … late start, late school bus and then off to work day … I will weigh in tomorrow and I think I may even do my measurements again and see what they are looking like … I am feeling good and resisting the temptations of EMOTIONAL EATING (crazy how that one is a daily battle)  … Got my cardio in first thing this morning even though I wasn't feeling it (proud of myself for that one) … It was such a beautiful day and I am praying the same is true for tomorrow because I am taking my CARDIO outside … I LOVE LOVE LOVE walking outside and listening to my music … It is so FREEING and peaceful … Many days it takes just a moment of the sun and air to refresh the soul and remind us of all the blessings Jesus has given us … Because let's face it the day is filled with demands, loud kiddos, errands, laundry, homework, lots of messes, and referring a lot of arguments while chauffeuring around the family ---- SO YOU NEED THAT ONE MOMENT OF PEACE to retreat back to when it all goes HAYWIRE … hee hee

Nothing else new to report … keeping my snacks, breakfast, and lunch consistent so there is NO GUESSING and getting off track …

Hope you are doing well and staying focused on getting healthy at a cellular level … NOT skinny or just weight loss, but healthy, hydrated, and fat loss !!!

blessings all !!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

day 14

RESISTED PIZZA AND CAKE at Suzanne's reveal birthday bash today … Not gonna lie, I wanted them both really bad, but I like the way I feel better … I don't feel queasy, no heartburn, no over eating stomach ache, and that makes me really happy !!! It also gives me resolve to stick with it …

I hope the weather is nice enough to walk outside tomorrow … I really need some outdoor cardio !!! With all the kiddos home today and a busy schedule it was my SKIP cardio day … I get one day a week to skip it and I just take it when it is needed and then RESOLVE to make sure it happens every other day …

Tomorrow is weigh in day again …

Sunday, February 16, 2014

day 13

Weekends are always hard - so much going on and so much more food around with all my kiddos wanting to eat and snack ALL DAY … hee hee … I have done well today except for 4 small pieces of DOVE DARK CHOCOLATE (YUUUUUUUMMMMYYYY - left over from Valetine's Day) … Scott and I went on a long walk on this beautiful day and I did an extra 45 minutes of cardio …

Several of you have asked what am I eating, so I thought I would give you a sample day … I am staying under 1500 calories … And you can check out the program that I am doing a version of at … (this is where my sweetie is working)

Breakfast : 2 eggs w/ ezekiel toast or if I am on the go then a Special K protein bar

Lunch: ezekiel bread almond butter / honey sandwich

Afternoon Snack: veggie straws w/ quac or Nature Valley Protein Carmel / Nut bar

Dinner: Usually a version of whatever I am fixing for the family (no time to make more than one meal) … If kiddos have tacos then I make mine a taco salad  … etc

1 hour before bed a 90 calorie Fiber One Bar or 100 calorie pack of almonds  …

I am drinking 120 ozs of water a day …

There is more to the program, but I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the company since it is their program, health research, and information … Rejuvenating my cells and helping to make them healthier has changed a lot about the way I feel and how my body is changing … I definitely feel so much better !!!

Week #2 starts tomorrow !!!  And I saw swimsuits out today (yikes) … Summer is just around the corner and my flip flops are calling me !!!

I am almost finished w/ the bible study NEHEMIAH by Kelly Minter …. SERIOUSLY A GOOD ONE if you haven't done it then you should … It points you in the directions God wants you thinking about and acting up !!!  We are all called to be his HANDS AND FEET, but sometimes we need to stop and think about where and what that means … What breaks your heart and how can you act upon that …


Saturday, February 15, 2014

day 12


Saturday is always a super busy day for us (I am sure for you also) … I had to take one to a shoot around basketball this morning, so I decided I would get my cardio in by walking the hallways of the school and running stairs (since it was my only free time of the day) … Did some people stare ??? OH YES, BUT I DIDN'T CARE … Came home to a super sweet hubby cooking breakfast for the family … I am getting good at sticking to my routine on the weekend, so I made my variation of the breakfast and didn't slip up (hubby makes biscuits, eggs, bacon, & sausage) … I had my 2 eggs with ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread !!! Then I did my weights (only got them twice this week instead of 3xs, but I will do better next week) … Learning not to beat myself up on the small misses !!!  The off to game number 1 of the day … I am staying CLEAR of all concession stands … And that is so much harder than it appears cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate and especially love to eat it while I cheer my kiddos on, but NO CONCESSIONS for me !!! HOME for lunch of almond butter and honey ezekiel bread sandwich … SNACK today was veggies chips and this super cool new Special K 70 calorie snack (it is a little sweet and a little salty) … Now time to get ready for another game … I will eat my dinner before game … I am trying really hard to eat my dinner before 6pm each night, so I can use that metabolism burn a bit longer between dinner and breakfast !!!


Friday, February 14, 2014

day 11

VALENTINE'S DAY … It is almost over and I have not completely ruined it … hee hee … I have made good food choices, but I did have myself a bit of chocolate (but only the REALLY GOOD STUFF) … I have definitely NOT OVER INDULGED like I have in the past, so that is a WIN for me … I got my cardio in this morning and I am about to DOWN MY LAST 32 OZS of water …

There are days when the victory is big and days when it is small … You must celebrate all of them and be proud of yourself … If you have a set back or feel you are regressing JUST STOP and remind yourself that you are WORTH THE EFFORT …

ALWAYS KNOW "YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY CREATED BY THE FATHER" … He has given you all the tools you need to serve him well  … BE content in who you are and never try to be anyone else …

love to all on this day of SHARING AND GIVING LOVE !!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

day 10

First day during my program I caught myself OUT TO EAT (lunch meeting) … I made a good choice and asked the waiter to make a few changes for me … YEAH VICTORY !!!  THE BIG CHOCOLATE DAY is tomorrow … I have found a fun little chocolate snack that may just hit the spot for tomorrow - dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds (yep so yummy and only 100 calories) … I am determined to be victorious tomorrow and possibly make the kids hid their VALENTINE'S DAY candy from me somewhere in the house (hee hee) …

GOTTA get to my weights tomorrow … I have only hit them once this week and I really like to do them 3 times … I have hit my cardio burn though, so YEAH BABY on that part !!!  About to chug some water and hit the snooze button … I hope you are encouraged out there to take the time and care for yourself … OUR HEALTH is a gift from the Lord … I just thank my sweet hubby everyday for making the change … I was really beginning to worry about him and I just feel like a BRICK is off my chest now … We are having fun talking about our new lifestyle and just the connection to challenge each other and work out together … I love to see all the little gifts that God gives on the many journeys we take with him … Perhaps the cellular health journey was just the little part of this and our marriage spark was the real gift … GOD IS SO GOOD !!!

BE YOUR BEST … so you can GIVE YOUR BEST !!!

day 9

late post … yesterday was super busy at doctors appts, snow day (fake as it was - better safe than sorry) and late night working … I STAYED ON TARGET though … My only downfall was not enough water … Hard for me to get  in all my hydration when I am in the car a lot (if you know what I mean) … hee hee … I am moving on today and staying focused … I tell myself all through out the day - I AM WORTH IT … I CAN DO THIS … I AM STRONG … I know God will use the focus for his glory and my health will allow me to be his vessel … WIN WIN !!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 8 …

Busy work day, 1 kiddo sick, and a big game tonight … but it was weigh in day so here are my new stats … proud of myself and encouraged to continue !!! I think keeping my meals simple and consistent have been so helpful … I am not guessing what I am going to have and I don't keep a ton of options… And this may sound silly, but I keep things I really like to eat, but don't LOVE … This helps with my cravings - eat what a like and be satisfied and NOT A SUPER YUMMY GOTTA HAVE MORE AND MORE kind of food … (told ya it sounded crazy) … Hey we each gotta do what works !!! BE ALL YOU CAN BE … health and energy !!! Today's Jesus calling talked about PEACE in all circumstances … dark days or bright ones - HE IS THE SAME … I want to run to him and not my comfort food, when the chaos and the feeling of drowning comes … Thanks for journeying with me … if you have a cool strategy that works for you, please post and share with me!

FAT 28.2%
MUSCLE 28.2 % 

see ya tomorrow …. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

day 7

One full week  !!! I am laughing because it feels like so much longer … Excited to start week 2 - I am feeling strong and I can already see a change in my body and my sleep (yeah) …

Excited for my boxing gloves to show up and my new FAVORITE SNACK is Veggie Straw Chips dipped in guacamole !!! So yummy and filling … I am starting to mentally prepare for the  VALENTINE'S DAY chocolate CRAZE  - kid parties at school and then they bring home those shoe boxes full of more CANDY and then my sweet kids usually don't have much $$$ to spend on me so they always buy me my favorite chocolate bar … SO I AM GEARING UP NOW FOR THE BIG STAND OFF (hee hee) … remember the OLE say "just say NO!" … Gonna really work on that and prepare myself … This won't be the case forever and I can have chocolate just NOT THE OVER INDULGENCE binge that I am use too …

I am feeling so JOYFUL TODAY … I had a work day at the 147 warehouse and I listened to my CHRISTIAN PLAYLIST the whole time and it just has me in a good mood … I may even do a few extra sit-ups after the kiddos go to sleep tonight … YES, I am the mom that does sit-ups and squats during commercials of whatever game I am watching … makes me feel a part of the ACTION (hee hee) …


Sunday, February 9, 2014

DAY 6 …

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY … It was fun family lunch w/ friends & family (always a trap for over eating) and I WON WON WON !!! YEAH ME …

I made a TACO SOUP and salad … Everyone is very supportive of the nutritional plan and my kiddos are pretty easy going eaters so they jump right in … I think for me any type of friend gathering, party, or big family meal is a license to OVER EAT … I want to learn that the FELLOWSHIP is the focus and not the food … And when the weather gets pretty I would love to incorporate a walk in the FAMILY FUN DAYS …

Last night was super relaxing and I had time to comb over my favorite fitness magazines and cut out a few new WEIGHT TRAINING TIPS … Don't be scared to weight train … It doesn't take much weight or a ton of time to really start to see the toning and strength … I LOVE WEIGHT TRAINING and the way it makes me feel … I change up my routine a lot so that may body doesn't get used to one routine … SHOCKING your system is also a great way to see results …

I am super super sad that my dryer vent snagged 1 pair of my favorite workout pants, 2 tank tops and a sports bra (totally destroyed them) … JUST SERIOUSLY PUT ME IN A BAD MOOD - so I made myself a deal --- I will at the end of each 30 days of my program replace them with a new work out item … MY LITTLE MOTIVATION TIP for myself !!!


THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS DAY … for the blessing of family and friends … Thank you for speaking to me in your word and for loving the mess that I am and using me to glorify you kingdom … 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 5 …

What a really GOOD DAY … It has been a while since I had a relatively relaxing day … I went to Elijah's game this morning, hung out w/ Jeremiah a bit as we designed him some cool shoes for his 16th birthday, took littles to get a movie and snack for the afternoon so we could chill out !!! Jeremiah is in Chattanooga for a game tonight and I am really hoping we can watch it on the computer … BUT I HAVE GOTTEN so many little things done today…  (and not at warp speed) but a fun relaxing pace with fun, laughter, and NO STRESS … WHAT A GIFT FROM THE LORD - He knew my soul needed peace, smiles, and NO schedule today … Time to sit and think of His GOODNESS and blessings !!!

Today was my CARDIO OFF DAY … And I am so excited to say that my EATING HAS BEEN ON TARGET … even when the littles picked themselves a yummy treat, I resisted and stuck to the plan … Eating times were a bit different, but ON TARGET … It sounds silly, but if I wasn't blogging this journey then I would have folded probably at some point today and thrown in the towel  … ACCOUNTABILITY baby !!! It is so important is so many areas of our life … So if you are out there I wanna say thanks for checking in on me … IRON SHARPENS IRON !!!

I don't like the title SKINNY RULES, because it is never about being skinny … It is about being healthy and full of energy … I do like some of the concepts on this page though, so I thought I would share them … And if you are wanting to check out the program I am on go to … That is where my sweet hubby is working now … 


Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 4 …

Beginning of a weekend is ALWAYS a hard time when it comes to making good nutritional choices … YIKES, I had to go to the grocery store today and they now have COOKIE DOUGH OREOS on the shelf … AND BUTTERFINGER P/B CUPS !!!  Oh those old feelings of emotional HAPPY EATING tried to creep in and I just decided that I would conquer this opponent and be VICTORIOUS !!!  There was a slight smile as I walked out of the grocery store with out THEM !!!

I did my cardio this morning and I still need to do my weights … Sometimes they just can't be done together when the schedule gets crazy … But I will get to them - I love how lifting weights makes me feel and I see the toning and strength coming !!!

Telling myself I am worth making good decisions this weekend and that I must keep my guard up … STAY ON TASK AND ON THE PROGRAM !!!

Just a few of my favorite Magazines … SELF, FITNESS, & WOMEN'S FITNESS … They are fun to read and keep me motivated … Something to turn to at night when I would rather munch on something … I have been avoiding any EATING OUT and I know that may be hard this weekend, but I am determined to make good choices !!!

I AM IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO DO THIS PROGRAM AND REACH MY FULL OPTIMAL HEALTH POTENTIAL … Thankful for the Jesus Calling devo that I read each day that points me to him and gives me the strength to take the next steps he puts in front of me … I know being in good health will help me to juggle all that is to come … I admit there are times when I come home from serving or a conference so whipped out that I am not a good mother or wife … I want to be able to handle better those situations and I know so much of my fatigue comes from my nutrition plan …


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 3

It feels like day 23 (hee hee) … I am on target again today … I did my hour of cardio before I took off to 147 workday … I am going to invest in some boxing gloves this week so I begin PUNCHING my new BAG I got for Christmas … There is just something about PUNCHING something that really relives some stress (I know you gotta understand that) …

One big goal is that as my cellular health gets better that I will be able to SLEEP BETTER … It is really hard to turn my mind off at night and I know a lot of it has to do with my nutrition during the day … I WANT MORE SLEEP !!!

Now one of my biggest struggles is STRESS EATING … I am foodie and love love love food … I eat it when I am happy, sad, stressed, tired, bored, and traveling… I just use food to level out so many emotions … My goal is to remember God created food as FUEL … It is suppose to help me and allow me to experience my life to the fullest !!! Now does that mean for a time that I need to do a little restricting of all my CRAVINGS - yes, because I need to control WHERE AND WHO I go to when life gets out of control and really emotional … I need to go to the FATHER !!!

Today I got the sweetest email from Scott … He just affirmed me and told me lots of THINGS every woman and mom want to hear … I appreciate him always checking on me and how I am doing … Even when life gets super crazy and chaotic we always try to check in on each and make sure we are in prayer about seeing each others needs … I JUST LOVE AND NEEDED THE EMAIL HE SENT TODAY !!!

I am going into the weekend with a super positive attitude !!! JOIN ME !!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 2

Today started off with lots of KINKS in my schedule, but I decided that I was not going to let them get my schedule off the mark … Because let's be honest most of our days NEVER go according to plan and I needed to tell myself that my program --"THAT ME" --was still important to work through it and NOT GIVE UP AND THROW IN THE TOWEL so quick … My NEW FAV breakfast is 2 eggs w/ Rudis (gluten free) cinnamon raisin toast … SO FILLING AND YUMMY !!! And I have switched from creamy almond butter to CRUNCHY and WOW it is so much better !!!

I took my pictures to watch as my body changes and becomes STRONGER !!!  I did my cardio and weights today between 2 sign language classes and working at the 147 warehouse … I did get a little hungry today after dinner, but I pushed through and drank my water … Feeling proud of myself !!! HOPING TO BE SNOOZING BY 10:30 because I know one important thing about my health is I need my sleep !!! (this is an area where I struggle) …

I have even taken my measurements (a post for another day) 

I read my devo yesterday and it was all about the strength of the LORD … I love feeling empowered in my walk with him … Knowing he created me for his glory and to spread his love is a HUGE MOTIVATOR for me to be the best ME that he created  … 


BIGGEST LOSER is one of my shows and I loved the season w/ the sisters Olivia and Hannah  …. OLIVIA AND HANNAH made a special guest appearance on the finale last night and still look amazing … Their journey was fun to watch !!! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


OK, thought I would post day 1 before life gets super crazy around here today … As you can see at the top bar I have added my stats (yikes) … I am heading toward my goals: 

weight- 125 lbs 
muscle - goal is to increase
Hydration - 55% 
Fat - 25% or lower 

I have had a good eating day so far and drinking my water (will confess I am not giving up my Diet Coke) … Let me get through a few more days of the program and I will share more … I watched Scott go from 250 lbs to 200 lbs in a summer, but the best part was he was no longer tired all the time and his back and knee pain went away … HE REALLY IS A NEW PERSON !!! 

I have not been hungry today and I am pumped to be doing something JUST FOR ME … Not Jeremiah's mom, Scott's wife, or 147 Co-Founder … just PLAIN OLE GWEN !!! 

MY EXERCISE - I got up 6 am to walk on the treadmill for an hour and will be doing weights 3 days a week for my upper body w/ the hand weights I have at home … NO YMCA membership needed - just whatever I have here at home !!! 

MY motivational picture for the day … 

I love Connie Britton … She is my age and a mom and I THINK SHE IS BEAUTIFUL … hee hee … I am never one to want to be someone else (I LOVE HOW GOD CREATED ME), but I love pictures to motivate me and this is one … TOMORROW I WILL POST MY BEFORE PICTURES … I am wanting the FAT TO MELT AWAY and the MUSCLES TO TONE UP !!! 

blessings, Gwen 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Let The Journey Begin …

OK, so I have no idea if anyone will even follow me the next 90 days, but I know myself and I need a challenge to make this stick … SO I AM GOING TO POST THE NEXT 90 DAYS about my cellular health transformation … I need more energy to run my busy crazy chaotic life w/ 6 amazing kids … This blog won't be about my 147 Million Orphans' organization, my kid's million games we attend, funny stories about my family or anything I normally post about … It is going to be my diary to a better and healthier me … I am not over weight nor I have ever really struggled with weight (except the freshman 15 lbs or after my pregnancies … hee hee ) … I guess I am just really wanting more energy and to be the BEST ME I can be … God has given me the amazing body to function and serve … I have abused it at times with WAY TO MUCH SUGAR trying to cope w/ my crazy life and I just want to honor my body because I am fearfully and wonderfully made … I have a program that I will be following and will share some of the details as I go … My sweet hubby took a job back in Oct. with a health company and I have watched him transform his body, energy, and health (SO SUPER PROUD OF HIM) and now it is my turn !!!

So here we go people … come along or not … THIS ONE IS FOR ME !!!

TOMORROW MORNING 2/4/14 I WILL BE ADDING MY STATS TO THE TOP OF THE SIDEBAR and will weigh in each Thursday from there on … I will be calculating my weight, muscle%, fat%, and hydration levels … (wish I could put the emoji on here where I am biting my fingers with nervous energy) … Once I take a few pictures I will add those also (scary), but SKIN IN THE GAME is the only way to make sure I stay honest !!! GO BIG OR GO HOME … I am sure there will be lots of sports analogies coming … hee hee

blessings, Gwen