Thursday, March 20, 2014

day 41,42,43,44,45,46,47

Left for spring break last Saturday … I was holding strong at 132 lbs and fully hydrated when I left … I started the break off strong, but I am waining these last couple of days (yikes) … I have definitely done better on this vacation than I have on any other eating wise … I am not going to beat myself up to much because with 6 crazy kiddos in a small condo, staying up late, beaching it, watching bball, hanging with friends - it has been fun fun fun … So I will get back on track SATURDAY … The sun has SWEETENED MY SPIRIT and definitely given me some fun SUMMER motivation to work out … I have done my hour cardio every day (yeah me) … Walked the beach some and had some of the yummiest brownies EVER !!!

Traveling home tomorrow (sad to leave the sun and sand) … You know life is always full of curve balls and somedays you swing and miss and some days you hit it out of the park … THE POINT IS TO KEEP SWINGING !!!


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