Thursday, March 6, 2014

day 32

I am switching things up a bit (out of necessity) … I have been working out at night the past couple of days because my mornings and days have been packed … I do think it is good to SHOCK the system and not let the body know what is coming or when it is coming sometimes … I have really enjoyed the down time at night to work out and watch one of my favorite TV shows … My boxing gloves arrived (and just in time) … I was in dire need of PUNCHING something (hee hee … telling you the truth there) …

I have decided that since I am leaving for spring break next Saturday that my next weigh in day will be the Friday before I leave … I want to try and stay motivated as much as possible and yet enjoy my VACATION !!! I got my swim short's suit out and it is a little big (yeah) … So excited to walk the beach each morning and just feel the sand in my toes and hopefully get a good sweat going !!!

I am such a summer girl … THE ONLY THING I LIKE ABOUT COLD WEATHER is my boots …  I am ready for my flip flops in a bad way !!!

About to chug my last bottle of water today and off to sleep … thanks for checking in on me … I hope I am challenging and encouraging you to take a little time for yourself … YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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