Thursday, March 13, 2014

day 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40

Well I would say I am bit behind, but truth is most of my days are very similar and I didn't want to bore you … (plus I accidentally posted one of my post from here on my personal blog OATSVALLTEAM.BLOGSPOT.COM - can you tell my life is spinning a little crazy right now … lol) … I am loving the RUN CLUB with my 4 littles each Tues/Thursday … Their school is logging workouts for the next month.  I love watching the competitive spirit they have to get in their burn each day … ACTIVE FAMILIES are happy families !!!

I am going to weigh tomorrow before I head to the beach for SPRING BREAK !!! I am hoping it keeps me motivated and on track … I am feeling great … And so excited to take my workouts to the beach and sand !!! I so enjoyed this past Tuesday in the SUN … I walked a crazy quick 5 miles and loved feeling the sweat and my muscles ache … Had an amazing weight training workout also !!! I am sticking to the program and loving the benefits of feeling good and knowing my body is changing for the better …

I will post when I return!

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