Wednesday, March 5, 2014

day 30 & 31

The past two days I have been back on track … I am seriously hitting the WINTER BLUES though and need some sunshine quick …

I am chugging my water (makes me a bit cold all day), but I am doing it … Haven't done my weights, but once in the last 7 days, but hoping to get to them on Friday … I found a couple of new snacks that I am liking (hard to find) - chocolate covered sunflower seeds from South Beach, Nature Valley's Salted Nut Carmel Protein bar, and Boar's Head Saltsilto Turkey is my fav !!! Sticking to my Ezekiel bread and no REGULAR flour bread for my sandwiches … I really think the Ezekiel bread is more filling also …

I always leave the house w/ a protein bar and baggie full of almonds in my purse, so that I am never caught needing a snack or meal … Preparation is the biggest part of the battle !!! You have to be ready for your snack or meal before the time arrives or you will grab and snack on all the wrong things … I know this from experience … I am starting RUN CLUB tomorrow at my kiddos school … Excited to share in this with them - exercise is such an important part of teaching your children how to take care of themselves … MAKE IT FUN !!!  Tonight we all went in the sunroom and exercised for about 40 mins … They love putting on their sneakers, getting a water bottle, and recording it on their school chart (they are doing some type of challenge) and it makes them all motivated … FUN FUN FUN!

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